„The single most important driver for success is how well we collaborate as a team”, said Johann Butting in his TEDxMünster talk, which he gave while he was EMEA head of Slack. And how we communicate determines the quality of collaboration, I would like to add.

For businesses it is crucial to adapt quickly and efficiently, and in order to do so, they need to strengthen their agile muscles.

  • How do you ensure smooth communication and foster collaboration in your organization?
  • How do you define your path into the future?
  • Who supports you through transformation processes?

As a coach, facilitator and consultant, I can help with these challenges. Regardless if you’re in a leadership position or in a team.

Feel free to get in touch!


How do you align your team? How do you ensure good decision making? How do you attract new talent? And how do you make your business shine, make it unique, with a strong message to the world?

I facilitate collaboration, help to boost creativity and innovation, and can be a sparring partner and mentor.


My name is Wiebke, and I am a design thinker, a hypno-systemic coach, facilitator and communication expert. I am passionate about communication and collaboration. I believe that language shapes reality, and that it is helpful to use subconscious and embodied knowledge in order to find good solutions.


Hands-on, user-centered & creative – this is what to expect if you decide to work with me. I encourage experimentation and playfulness, help you to reduce fears of failure, and to create room for personal growth.

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